Ferrite Circulator

Ferrite circulators provide a non-reciprocal transmission path. That is, microwave energy can travel the transmission path in one direction with little loss but will be greatly absorbed if applied in the opposite direction. The circulator uses ferrite or garnet material which in the presence of a magnetic field gives this non-reciprocal operation.More about ferrite circulator.


The primary parameters of a circulator are insertion loss, isolation and return loss. Although there are many other parameters of importance depending on the application and environment it is to be used. For example: With high power transmitters that use a phased array with several circulators it becomes necessary to ensure that the insertion phase of the circulators are within a defined window, typically ±5°. More.


Applications for a circulator can be found in many sectors including, Mobile Cellular Communications, Defence, Emergency Service Communications, Medical, Television Broadcast and Space.More.

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