IFF stands for 'Identification Friend or Foe' and is a system for determining if a aircraft, ground vehicle or ground force are friendly and provides the bearing and range. IFF systems are used by civilian and military aircraft but originally it was developed in World War II. If the IFF interrogation system does not receive a reply then the object is considered a foe and as such suspicious needing further investigation. Due to the nature of these systems it is quite possible for friendly objects to not reply. Common causes of this can be the terrain and atmospheric conditions.

Modern IFF systems use a transponder that can operate without radar. The transponder receives interrogation pulses at 1030 MHz and sends a reply at 1090 MHz.

Our Products

RF & Noise Components have a number of circulator products that have been designed for use in IFF communication systems. This includes a range of coaxial, drop in and surface mount solutions with various other options including power monitors, heat-sinks and cable assemblies

We will be listing our IFF products below over the next few weeks