Tetra Circulator Description

A Tetra circulator or Tetra ferrite circulator is a ferrite circulator that has an operating frequency within the Tetra band designation. The original Tetra frequency band was between 390 MHz and 430 MHz. However, recently there have been a number of product launches from 300 Mhz (Nokia) to 470MHz (Sepura). More.

Our Products

RF & Noise Components have a number of circulator products designed for Tetra systems. The following table highlights some of our product range for Tetra solutions but if you do not see something that meets your technical requirement then please contact our sales team with the details and our development team will be pleased to review and advise if we can supply a compliant product.

 Device Code Frequency Package Size 
min max Style (mm)
DC-410-174 390 430 drop in 38x38x12
DC-410-175 400 420 drop in 38x38x12
DC-435-176 400 470 drop in 38x38x12
DC-424-177 415 432 drop in 38x38x12
DC-460-178 450 470 drop in 38x38x12
DC-465-179 460 470 drop in 38x38x12
DC-490-180 480 500 drop in 38x38x12
DC-495-181 490 500 drop in 38x38x12